Small Rural Enterprises

Small rural enterprises enhance income-earning opportunities and empower the rural poor, particularly women.

Small scale and subsistence farm families can increase meager farm income by managing small rural enterprises. Income from a small alternative enterprise can improve the quality of life for a farm family by helping to pay for school fees or medicine. A small rural enterprise, combined with SHARE’s agriculture training, inputs or micro credit loans can make a difference in a community.


Raising rabbits, growing tilapia in a small pond and bee keeping businesses are some of the rural enterprises that SHARE has funded. Beneficiaries and their families engage in farming to feed the family and also manage these small rural enterprises for income from local sales.

Pots and pans and other equipment for making added value products such as jams and jellies or baked goods were requested and supplied by SHARE for several women’s groups who sell at local markets. A coffee grinder for an organic coffee business boosted income for women in another community.


Start up funds for small rural enterprises were supplied for a bakery, sewing center, and home sewing enterprises. Women’s groups in Canada donate funds, sewing materials and supplies that are delivered during monitoring trips.


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