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The Goals for Our Families and Land II Program

Below are Couple of Current Projects Underway
Strengthening basic grains production and irrigation
 systems in Rigores in Northern Honduras 

This project funds the planting of basic grains and irrigation system and improvement of some water sources already existing in the community to 133 families (656 people) in 8 CNTC production groups in the northern area of Honduras.

133 families will increase food security especially during the dry season, learn improved crop management and gain experience growing diversified crops to improve family nutrition and income generation.
Cerro Blanca Community Women’s Meat Chicken Raising Project
This Families and Land Il APROSARSTUN Guatemala project empowers 48 women in the village of Cerro Blanca to increase family income by raising 720 meat chicken chicks (15 per family) for sale to the marketplace.

In a baseline study done in 2018 the income of families in the Sarstun area was determined to average  $2.59 US/day – meaning families are very poor to extremely poor. These families were refugees from the 30-year conflict in Guatemala who escaped into this remote area because their lives were threatened. Most adults are illiterate; there has been few government supports to the communities. There are many needs in these communities.
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