S.H.A.R.E. is Changing the Stories for Families

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By Marg Frayne, Grants Officer

Marie-Lourdes is a mother of six living in northern Haiti. Her daughter died giving birth to twins who were successfully treated for malnutrition at the centre run by S.H.A.R.E.’s partner, Second Mile Haiti. To ensure that Marie-Lourdes has the resources to feed these babies, she was trained to manage a small business and as part of S.H.A.R.E.’s Families and Land project, she was given a business package, items she could sell in her neighbourhood.

Marie-Lourdes says: “I’m someone who loves to work! I love to use my intelligence to succeed in business. I understand my area and what sells here. That’s why I am selling cooked food. My business is going well. Everything is running and it’s beautiful.”

This project has improved nutrition and resilience by funding small home enterprises, including 719 gardens and 153 business packages. This support is successfully empowering caregivers with the means to care for themselves and their children and is reducing the risk of a relapse of Severe Acute Malnutrition in vulnerable children.

Before this project brought change in their lives, the 153 women who received business packages had little education or training, no savings or opportunities. S.H.A.R.E.’s project has enabled 153 women to change their story, to feed their families and pursue their goals and dreams!


The Families and Land project has worked to change the story of the lives of thousands of people in the last three years in Honduras, Haiti, El Salvador and Guatemala by providing training and knowledge, agriculture and business supplies, irrigation and resources such as water filters, solar panels and improved stoves to improve the health and well-being of families. On behalf of all the beneficiaries of this project, S.H.A.R.E. thanks you and the Willowool and Barrett Family Foundations for your financial support.

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