Impact of a Field Well

The field wells that SHARE has provided for the poor rural families of Cambodia have a huge impact. Families can grow rice all year round, have water for crops and clean water for household use. Families can pass on water to a neighbour, afford medicine and education for their children. The gift of a field well ($350) keeps giving year after year. It enables families to make a living and have hope for the future.  It enables a family to rise out of poverty in Cambodia. 

Thank you Bob!

After 28 years of dedicated service as a SHARE project manager, Bob Thomas retired. Carl Fletcher presents Bob Thomas with a plaque that honours Bob’s volunteer efforts with SHARE. SHARE is very appreciative of his hard work and dedication. The SHARE recipients have benefited immensely by Bob’s enthusiastic support to better their lives. “SHARE has changed my life in many positive directions for which I am extremely grateful”, commented Bob. (See SHARE newsletter, Nov. 2018)

With Heartfelt Gratitude

We cannot thank our donors enough!

SHARE will start a new 3 year project with 4 partners on September 1, 2019. This project will support families in Haiti, El Salvador, Honduras and Guatemala in the areas of food production, knowledge and skills and well-being in an integrated, long term approach.

SHARE thanks all donors and foundations for their generosity to enable this work. Special thanks to Willowool Foundation and Barrett Family Foundation for their continuing support.

Working on Sustainable Development Goals

SHARE’s efforts support several of the United Nations goals for eliminating poverty and achieving equality by 2030.

Women Deliver Conference

In case you missed it…In early June, the Women 2019 Deliver conference in Vancouver brought over 7,000 people from all over the world to share knowledge about gender equality, equality, and the health, rights and wellbeing of girls and women.

“Canada is at the forefront of the global efforts toward gender equality,” said Minister Maryam Monsef.

“Hosting the Women Deliver Conference enables Canada to convene world leaders and advocate top share promising practices, coordinate our efforts and strengthen the movement for gender equality.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau.

Support for Irrigation Systems for Food Security

SHARE thanks all donors for donations for irrigation for small scale farming families struggling to feed their families in Honduras, El Salvador and Bolivia. This project goes a long way to support food security for needy families. Special thanks to the Campbell Webster Foundation and the Roncalli Foundation and all donors for supporting the “Pumps for Food” project to purchase irrigation systems for the Dry Corridor of Central America. (Donate on SHARE’s Canada Helps web site.)

SHARE's Valued Support Avoids Migration - Poverty, Gangs and Drought

Many families in Central America who are facing poverty, hunger, violence and lack of opportunities continue to leave home and migrate to the Mexico-US border.
“Why are people leaving their home countries?
Globe and Mail: Stephanie Nolan, Globe and Mail, Nov. 2018.
“Many of those in the migrant caravan are fleeing violence: Honduras and El Salvador are two of the five most violent countries in the world. They, and Guatemala, are highly unequal, with entrenched networks of corrupt politicians and police. Much of Honduras and El Salvador are carved up into territory controlled by gangs that forcibly recruit young people. The migrants are also seeking better economic opportunities.
Many are from impoverished agricultural areas where their ability to survive is being undermined by climate-change-related events including severe drought and flooding. A coffee fungus has ravaged the staple crop in many farming communities in Honduras and Guatemala. Starving farmers head first for the cities in their home countries, but when they face extortion and violence from gangs there, feel they have no choice but to flee north.”

CARLOS GARCIA RAWLINS/REUTERS, Stephanie Nolan. Photos Jeff Abbott, Adrees Latif/Reuters, Keith Dannemiller/OM.

Eco Stoves to Cook Nutritional Supplement in Guatemala

SHARE has received several generous donations for eco stoves that will be used in the remote communities of Sarstun Guatemala to cook the nutritional supplement provided for the children at their schools. This program addresses the need in Guatemala to stem under – nutrition that results in stunting and health problems. These stoves have an enclosed firebox that uses less wood, thus saving tree cutting. The smoke and toxic fumes are taken out of the cooking area via the stove pipe so the stoves protect the health of the women cooking the supplement.


A note from Senator Rob Black

“I was pleased to attend the fundraising dinner and dance on Saturday evening in Brampton in support of their efforts and bring greetings on behalf of the Senate of Canada. I enjoyed catching up with Allan Thompson, Mayor of the Town of Caledon as well as my good friends Art and Jean Bennett of Bayfield, ON. (on left) Joining us in the picture is the Honourable Sylvia Jones, Minister of Tourism, Culture and Sport & Minister of Community Safety and Correctional Services (on right) and Joe Gray, Treasurer of S.H.A.R.E. (second from right) who was recognized for longstanding volunteer service”.

It was a wonderful evening of fundraising in support of a great agriculture foundation. Congratulations to all involved! Senate of Canada – Senate of Canada – Sénat du Canada

Food Security Projects in Haiti

Generous donations have resulted in a new partnership in Haiti, Fall 2018

Thanks to funds from donations at the Ontario Federation of Agriculture’s annual meetings men and women in Haiti are growing nutritious fruits and vegetables and tending goats. These donations helped provide irrigation, a “Food Forest” (fruit trees), seeds, tools, and goats to SHARE’s projects in Haiti. Read more in the Nov. 2018 newsletter, “Addressing Malnutrition in Haitian Families”. Newsletters

Thanks to Copetown Lions and Volunteers

A special thank you to the Copetown Lions Club and their “chef”, Dan Brigham, Peter Finlayson (in photo on left), auctioneer Jim McCartney and the dinner committee and the Copetown United Church volunteers for the very successful dinner in support of SHARE. A special thanks to Frank and Matt Regan who again donated from the Lions’ designated fund.

Thanks for many years of support to SHARE and those early volunteers John and Edna Yovanov, Peter Lindley (in photo on right) and Jane Collins!

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