Small Rural Enterprises

Small rural enterprises enhance income-earning opportunities and empower the rural poor, particularly women.

Small scale and subsistence farm families can increase meager farm income by managing small rural enterprises. Income from a small enterprise can improve the quality of life for a farm family by helping to pay for school fees or medicine. A small rural enterprise, combined with SHARE’s agriculture training and resources/inputs can make a difference to a family and in a community.

Beneficiaries and their families engage in farming to feed the family and also manage these small rural enterprises for income from local sales.

SHARE provides skills training, business training and some inputs for small rural businesses. Groups of women have been trained and received pans and supplies to make and sell their baking. Community corn mills have been a big help to reduce the women’s work load in communities and are run as small businesses by groups of women. In Honduras young adults learn how to make tin products such as watering cans, tubs and small corn storage silos.  

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