A generous private donation to S.H.A.R.E. provides lifesaving water filters to Haiti families through Second Mile Haiti

Lifesaving water filters to help with cholera outbreak in Haiti.
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Thanks to S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation and a generous private donation of $10,836.58 USD, Second Mile Haiti purchased 240 Sawyer filters and Sawyer bucket filters. The total cost of the project was $11,120. All buckets and filters were purchased from a distributor in Leogane, Haiti (approximately 90 miles from Cap Haitien) and were delivered in two shipments. Considering all the transportation difficulties (i.e gas shortage & protests) in Haiti over the past several months, we were very thankful the drivers made it safely to Cap Haitien and back to their headquarters on both occasions.

The Haitian population is facing a deadly resurgence of Cholera in a time where resources are so scarce that traditional sources of potable water (large purified water bottling companies, small reverse osmosis businesses, and household water treatment with chlorine drops/tabs) are very hard to find in some regions and entirely unavailable in others. As of November 15th, there have been 167 cholera deaths and 7,836 people are currently hospitalized for the illness. Cholera is now predominant in 8 of the 11 departments in Haiti. Individuals and families need clean, safe drinking water to be able to combat disease and continue to lead satisfying and productive lives. We were so thankful this donation allowed us to take such quick action in the communities we serve.


Second Mile Haiti started the distribution process by offering Sawyer filters and buckets to four organizations. Our objective was to reach as many people as possible and we were confident that these four organizations would help us do just that! The organizations conducted distributions of the filters in Terrier Rouge, Grand Bassin, Limonade, and Port Margot, all areas that are significantly removed from our communities, thus spreading the filters throughout a larger area of Northern Haiti.  Our staff created tools that would help these organizations successfully distribute the filters. First, our staff translated the Sawyer filter installation and cleaning instructions from English to Haitian Creole. Louino Saint Germain, our lead psychologist, prepared six instructional videos in Haitian Creole which highlighted all the necessary instructions for installing, using, cleaning, and maintaining the buckets and filters. The videos also provided the leaders of these organizations with vital information for discussing cholera prevention and treatment information with members of their respective communities. Through this initiative, each organization distributed 25 buckets.

The remaining 140 buckets were distributed throughout the communities surrounding our two family centres in Saint Raphaël and Jean Louis (a.k.a. The Cap Haitien Center). In Jean Louis, our team of psychologists went door-to-door to provide education. The team asked community members, household members, and extended family members to gather around to hear the vital health information. They helped the community members find a suitable spot for the buckets and taught the individuals how to set up the filter system. Second Mile Haiti distributed to 5 churches, 3 health centres, 7 restaurants, and 125 family compounds. Each family compound has an average of 3-4 households on a single property. Each Sawyer filter kit will reach an average of 25 beneficiaries, meaning this will be the primary source of clean drinking water for these individuals. The beneficiaries of the filters include people of all ages and genders including very young children, the immunocompromised, pregnant women, and the elderly.  Between the distribution with our partner organizations and the distributions in our communities, we reached 9,000+ people through this initiative. The filters remove bacteria including cholera, e. coli, typhoid and cysts and protozoa including giardia. We know this effort will play a key role in preventing cholera deaths in our area and giving thousands of people access to safe, drinking water. disease and continue to lead satisfying and productive lives. We were so thankful this donation allowed us to take such quick action in the communities we serve.

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