Fidelande is selling produce in Haiti

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Fidelande is 18 years old and has just one child. She comes from Port Margot in a zone called Gran Bouk. She
struggled when she first came to the Center, but after a few weeks, her demeanor changed and she began to
show that she was enjoying all that the Center had to offer. It was as if a switch had flipped and even though
she was just 18, she emerged as a leader among the other mothers. She demonstrated maturity and showed
us that she loved her son very much. When she wasn’t playing with her son or participating in classes, she
was talking about all the ways the Center was helping her and her son. Since leaving the Center and starting
her business, Fidelande has shown great diligence. If you stop by her home, you will find her products
beautifully displayed for customers to see. She has been able to grow her business by purchasing more
goods and she has even entered into a savings group. When she has saved enough money, she plans to buy
animals for additional income. She is thankful that has something tangible that allows her to create a budget
and savings plan for her family. Spending time at the center taught her a lot, but being able to start a business
has set her on an entirely new path. Fidelande now feels confident in her ability to provide for her son.

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