Irrigation Projects in Bolivia

For many years, small scale farmers in Bolivia have used rustic land canals to bring water from springs and lagoons down the slopes to small fields of beans, potatoes and corn.
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The system allowed for some production in the dry season but was very inefficient. Up to 65% of the water was lost and the precious soil was eroded as the water rushed down the dug canals and flooded fields.

To improve family production and income for 66 farming families, two irrigation projects have recently been completed. These projects were implemented with shared funding and with the collaborative efforts of a local municipality and a southern partner. SHARE’s partner hired an irrigation specialist, the local municipality supplied heavy equipment and trucks, and the farmers provided labour. During the process local people called promoters were trained to help maintain the new irrigations systems.

Two large reservoirs were built and over 2,000 metres of irrigation pipes were used and many sprinkler systems installed in the two irrigation projects.

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