More success stories from Haiti helping women and families

Viviane's thanks S.H.A.R.E. and Second Mile Haiti for helping establish a garden to feed her family
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Helping to feed families

I’m Viviane. I live in Port Margo. Taking care of my garden has filled me with so many good feelings. I’ve spent the last month harvesting spinach and I now understand how important it is for a person to have a garden. I’ve sent my spinach to be sold in the market and I have used it to make food for my family. I even purchased a chicken for us to care for at home. This spinach has been a miracle for me. I have a sister who had anemia and the spinach took care of that for her. My entire garden is in good health. I’ve given a lot of people gifts from within. I’m now waiting for the right moment to harvest the rest of my vegetables. Soon I will plant more Spinach. I have the seeds ready. God bless you for this program.

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