The 3 year Families and Land Project is winding down

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Thank you!

S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation thanks both The Barrett Family Foundation and The Willowool Foundation for their generous support of the current Families and Land program 2019-2022. On behalf of our Local Partners, and especially the rural, small, subsistence farm families, THANK YOU. We also want to thank the many, many donors who helped fund our Families and Land initiative.

Family and Land Goals

To Break the cycle of rural poverty through food security, skills training, and climate sensitive solutions by: • Achieving food security through irrigation and environmentally sustainable agricultural production. • Increasing income through skills training and small business development. • Improving community well-being through youth programs, anti-violence, and leadership training.

Successes of Families and Land initiative realized in 2 years from 2019 to 2021

Number of people helped in the last 2 years who have a better life because of the Families and Land initiative, 15,236

Improving Agriculture for Food and Income Security by:

• Working with Second Mile Haiti to start 599 new home gardens which provided fruit and vegetables for 4,104 house hold members. • Providing various water storage and crop irrigation systems in communities in El Salvador and Honduras. • Supporting Agroforestry projects in Guatemala that provided opportunities to grow crops while creating tree cover at the same time.

Increasing Income Opportunities through Skills Training and Small Business Development by:

• Training youth in Honduras in sheet metal work to build small grain silos to store family grown grain • Increasing family food security and opportunities for sales. Skill training creates local rural employment opportunities reducing the influence of gangs and migration for rural youth. • Providing start up inventory business kits to 145 women graduates of the Second Mile Haiti Malnourishment Centre business training courses who started new businesses. • Provided Business Management training for individuals and Marketing Cooperatives in El Salvador.

Improving Community Well Being by:

• Empowered women in Honduras by providing training for women to create value added businesses for crops grown. • Providing 70 families in Guatemala (420 people) with Eco Filters for potable drinking water. • Providing 72 families (432 people) with Eco Stoves eliminating in-home open cooking fires thus reducing smoke related respiratory ailments, child burn accidents and deforestation through reduced wood used in the stoves. • Providing anti-family violence and healthy gender role training for youth, men, and women in El Salvador.

Adapting to Changes

Despite initial lockdowns and subsequent COVID-19 waves, Families and Land project partners have adapted to deliver on original local projects as safely as possible while also taking on additional projects. S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation has made $100,000 U.S. of accrued program savings, due to canceled monitoring trips and a stronger than budgeted for Canadian to U.S. dollar exchange rate, available to partners for additional projects in year three.

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