Providing a Safe Place to Learn and Grow

Rehabilitation of a Workers’ Training Centre in El Salvador

Poor facilities inhibit the opportunity to learn

Education is key example of providing a 'hand up' not a 'hand out', and addressing the concerns of a run down important training centre in Loudres municipality, department of La Libertad, El Salvador did just that. A two stage project completed in 2020, began to address the needs of the community by completing the following:
1. Classrooms were repaired – floors, ceilings and walls.
2. 20 cabins were repaired.
3. Dining room was repaired – floor, ceiling, walls.
4. Perimeter wall were reinforced for safety.
5. Overgrown trees, including fruit trees were pruned.
6. The garden and shrubbery were cleaned and trimmed.
7. The well was cleaned and deepened.
8. A greenhouse/mesh house was construction.
9. Demonstration plots for teaching agro ecology were created.
10. A new bathroom was constructed.

Sustinable education to better the community

This project will allow the membership of 25,000 farmers a safe and more modern place to receive agricultural training and to practice learned skills on demonstration plots. This centre is already being used and will provide many opportunities for the ongoing training for many years. At this time, three young people, trained at the Central American school for agro ecology. The training and education of the membership will also strengthen the institutional capacity of ANTA and will help to develop regional and national leaders in this grass roots organization. This facility will enable most training to be done in El Salvador.

Project Contact Details

Project Leader: Carl Fletcher

As a 40+ year donor I’ve supported S.H.A.R.E.'s practical and effective projects that help people help themselves. Upon retirement from the Ontario Ministry of Agriculture Food and Rural Affairs, I volunteered as a Projects Committee member. I am now Project Manager for El Salvador, Guatemala and Honduras projects. I am a Professional Agrologist and a Canadian Association of Farm Advisors member. I value that each S.H.A.R.E. project requires the beneficiaries to ‘Pass on” a benefit to others in recognition of the help the project has given them.


12801 Bramalea Rd., Caledon Ontario, L7C 2R1

Asociación Nacional de Trabajadores Agropecuarios (National Association of Agriculture Workers, ANTA)

Throughout history ANTA has been forged as an institution that advocates the rights of Salvadoran peasant workers.


This project is ongoing and in need of support. Please make a donation here.

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