Farmers feed families and livestock with Cactus cuisine!

Water scarcity and rangeland degradation are threatening sheep production in the high, arid plains of Bolivia.

Limited water and arid land limits growing opportunities rural regions

Pasture land in regions of Bolivia are very sparse, they suffer from water scarcity and dry arid lands. Farmers are in desperate need of alternative feed sources for livestock helping them survive through the dry season and extended periods of drought, and it seems that cactus are the answer as they provide fruit for the family and feed for livestock. Farmers are not only feeding cactus to livestock to carry them through to the next season, but are also finding that they require less water due to the moisture in the cactus.

Cultivating cactus provides much needed fodder for livestock and fruit for the family

S.H.A.R.E. provided funds to enable farmers to plant fields with a variety of cactus suitable for sheep fodder. As Cactus is an evergreen crop it can be used year round, but is particularly valued as animal fodder during the dry season, with its fruit providing an added bonus to the family. In addition to establishing the cactus plantations S.H.A.R.E provided support to train farmers in the growing of cactus. The cactus have proven itself as a sustainable crop that can help sheep farmers deal with frequent droughts in high plains of Bolivia.

Project Contact Details

Project Leader: Casey Willemse

I have been involved since 2002, following a monitoring trip to Brazil, where I witnessed the suffering and gratitude of the recipients. Always having an interest in agriculture, two cactus projects in Anzaldo, Bolivia, stand out for me. I want to see S.H.A.R.E. grow and continue to do great work. Now retired, I owned and operated a cabinet company with over 80 employees for over 40 years.


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