Belize Scholarships create hope for the future

Without S.H.A.R.E. financial support, funding gaps deny children access to high school education

Lack of financial means limits access to education

Even though basic education is mandatory for students up to age 14, many young people fall through the crack in Belize because, simply put, their parents just can not afford it. The costs of education just as in development nations are not limited to just cost of tuition, students require transportation, a uniform, access to materials for classes such as books, and often need technology such as a table or computer to participate. Taking everything into account, one in three persons is enrolled in the formal education system according to the data gathered during 2016 and 2017. 82,3% of kids aged 5-12 attend schools in Belize.

Scholarships break the poverty cycle

For over 20 years S.H.A.R.E. has been funding student to attend high school through a scholarship program where costs are shared with parents. The scholarship funds cover tuition costs in Belize and parents fund the cost of uniform, books, and exams as examples. The skills learned will hopefully enable them to break the cycle of poverty, escaping the impoverished rural communities and generating an income that also helps to support their families. Donations to the project help young people to fulfill their potential.

Project Contact Details

Project Leader: John Moore

I have been involved since 2019 and accompanied a monitoring trip to Guatemala in 2020. It was gratifying to meet, shared meals, talk, and walk with the members of remote subsistence communities as they proudly showed off what they’d achieved through their own hard manual work and our financial support. Currently, I am Project Manager for support and partnership projects with Second Mile Haiti, and for Scholarships, providing financial support to indigenous high school candidates in Guatemala and Belize.


12801 Bramalea Rd., Caledon Ontario, L7C 2R1

Funds go directly to the following schools: Eden SDA High School, Julian Cho Technical H.S., Corazon Creek Technical H. S.

The schools receive the funding directly from S.H.A.R.E. for this scholarship program.

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