Lights on in Guatemala!

Lack of light inhibits students being able to study in the evening.

There is no electricity for students to study after dark or when using a computer or tablet.

The Sarstun jungle is home to the Ak’ Tenamit school. Canadian Charity T.I.E.S. arranged for delivery and monitoring of this field test through the S.H.A.R.E. Agriculture Foundation who shared their story about the plight of Ak’ Tenamit students. The project supplies funds to purchase 10 NowLights for a field trial to provide power for students Tablets during Covid-19. as they were forced to study from their village home during the pandemic.

S.H.A.R.E. is field trialing new technology 'NowLights' that provide electricity from solar panels and / or cranking.

To provide a sustainable source of electricity for students to power Tablets during the Covid-19 pandemic for home study.

Project Contact Details

Project Leader: John Moore

I have been involved since 2019 and accompanied a monitoring trip to Guatemala in 2020. It was gratifying to meet, shared meals, talk, and walk with the members of remote subsistence communities as they proudly showed off what they’d achieved through their own hard manual work and our financial support. Currently, I am Project Manager for support and partnership projects with Second Mile Haiti, and for Scholarships, providing financial support to indigenous high school candidates in Guatemala and Belize.


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Viaduct Technology In Education Society (T.I.E.S.)

The Technology In Education Society (TIES) is a Canadian registered charity devoted to advancing the education of students in developing countries. We donate computers, tablets, and related, innovative technology, and we also have scholarship programs.

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