School Tuition/Support for 60 children of graduates of SMH’s Malnutrition Treatment Centers

School tuition support

There is no government supported education in Haiti so parents must pay for their children to attend school

Second Mile Haiti (“SMH”) has made it a priority to provide follow-on support to formerly malnourished children and their families beyond their time at SMH’s Malnutrition Treatment Centers; As such Second Mile Haiti wishes to provide tuition support to send these children to primary school.

Provide tuition

S.H.A.R.E. has provided Second Mile Haiti with funding of US $10,000 to send an additional 60 children to school for one year, pay for uniforms and books, increasing the total number of students supported by Second Mile Haiti from 80 to 140. “The impact would be monumental”.

Project Contact Details

Project Leader: John Moore

I have been involved since 2019 and accompanied a monitoring trip to Guatemala in 2020. It was gratifying to meet, share meals, talk, and walk with the members of remote subsistence communities as they proudly showed off what they’d achieved through their own hard manual work and our financial support. Currently, I am Project Manager for support and partnership projects with Second Mile Haiti, and for Scholarships, providing financial support to indigenous high school candidates in Guatemala and Belize.


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Second Mile Haiti

Second Mile Haiti works with families who are most at risk of turning to orphanages. Day by day, year after year they are demonstrating, that by using a comprehensive approach to treating childhood malnutrition, they can break the cycle of undernutrition in Haiti, and keep families together.


Education is a gift that goes on giving, providing an avenue out of poverty, hope, a “demonstration effect” on siblings, parents and on-going enhancement to the viability and sustainability of the community.

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