Field wells in Cambodia

Water in short supply at times.

Lack of water for drinking and growing crops.

Cambodia is prone to drought at various times and it is a challenge to grow crops for food and for income. There is also a lack of a reliable source of potable water in many areas.

Drilled wells to provide for irrigation.

With S.H.A.R.E. funding, Tabitha Foundation Cambodia is able to provide field wells for irrigation to small farmers. This will allow them to grow crops in the dry season. It also allows them to grow a variety of crops other than rice. This variety gives them a more nutritionally balanced diet as well as potable water. They can also sell any surplus to local villagers providing some income to help send their children to school. Tabitha checks to insure the wells are being maintained and protected from contamination and that they are being used to grow crops.

Project Contact Details

Project Leader: Casey Willemse

I have been involved since 2002, following a monitoring trip to Brazil, where I witnessed the suffering and gratitude of the recipients. Always having an interest in agriculture two cactus projects in Anzaldo, Bolivia, stand out for me. I want to see S.H.A.R.E. grow and continue to do great work. Now retired, I owned and operated a cabinet company with over 80 employees for over 40 years.


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Tabitha Foundation

Tabitha Foundation Canada’s activities focus on lifting Cambodians out of poverty, by helping people to develop inherent skills and resources that foster self-sufficiency and independence.
Most families graduate from Tabitha programs within five to seven years. A daily life of hunger, discomfort and helplessness is changed forever into a busy existence where income is earned, children go to school, and health and well-being improves dramatically.

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