Irrigation solves community struggles to access water

Sprinkler Irrigation in Falsuri Community, Municipality of Morochata

Only 30% of families could access water for agriculture production

The Falsuri community has 37 families and an agricultural area of 35 hectares. The main economic activity in the community is agriculture, specifically focused on 3 crops being potato, fava bean and corn. Most agriculture takes place in the rainy season with potato and corn crops (November to December) on approximately 18 hectares. From the harvest 40% of the production is destined for consumption and 60% for sale. During the dry period in June and July, 3 acres of potatoes are planted. Water for the crop is dependent on resources from 4 springs at a difficult to access higher level. These resources were not used efficiently to irrigate and only 30% of families could access water due to the long distances between water sources and agricultural areas. Poor irrigation practices (gravity and flooding) on lands with slopes of 30 to 45%, also caused erosion and a loss of agricultural soil.

Irrigation reduces water waste and increases economic viability of crops

The goal of the project was to increase the availability of water from 4 existing springs leading to the following benefits:
• More than 90% of available water will reach the crops.
• An increase in the cultivated acreage per family.
• Enhanced food safety and security.
• An extended agriculture period through early and sustained planting.
• Enhanced soil management.
• An increase in available crop products for market.
• Support for healthy communities and families.

This would be achieved by:
• Reduce water loss from seepage/ surface runoff / overflow from earth distribution channels.                                                                • Reduce the risk in crop production through available water year round.
• Reduce the permanent deterioration of the community's agricultural soils.
• Improve the economic income of the beneficiaries through the diversification and intensification of production under a sprinkler irrigation system.
• Increase the resilience of the local population to climate change.

Project Contact Details

Project Leader: Casey Willemse

I have been involved since 2002, following a monitoring trip to Brazil, where I witnessed the suffering and gratitude of the recipients. Always having an interest in agriculture two cactus projects in Anzaldo, Bolivia, stand out for me. I want to see S.H.A.R.E. grow and continue to do great work. Now retired, I owned and operated a cabinet company with over 80 employees for over 40 years.


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