Kullku Mayo irrigation Project in Bolivia

Kullku Mayu irrigation project

In a mountainous area, water for farming is difficult to get

Water is a valuable and necessary resource for the cultivation of crops. Currently, farmers need to direct water in hand dug channels and 60% is lost before it reaches the crops. This is not ideal and labour intensive.

Implement a sprinkler irrigation system - Start Date September 15, 2021

A plan was made to implement a sprinkler irrigation system. The Proinpa project manager with local input determined the location of the water intake, the location of the irrigation network and infrastructure (diameters of main and secondary pipes necessary, number of distribution chambers, general cleaning, control valves and water intakes or hydrants). The work commenced and the irrigation system was installed and provided access to much needed water. After the irrigation system was completed the local farmers were trained on the use, and maintenance of the system under the "learning-by-doing" methodology that was used during the project.

Project Contact Details

Project Leader: Casey Willemse

I have been involved since 2002, following a monitoring trip to Brazil, where I witnessed the suffering and gratitude of the recipients. Always having an interest in agriculture two cactus projects in Anzaldo, Bolivia, stand out for me. I want to see S.H.A.R.E. grow and continue to do great work. Now retired, I owned and operated a cabinet company with over 80 employees for over 40 years.


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Foundation PROINPA has a mission to promote innovation in entrepreneurial producer families, microenterprises and agricultural companies through the development of technology for the agroecological management of crops, the management and sustainable use of agrobiodiversity, the development of inclusive agribusiness oriented towards impact and the provision of services, production and commercialization of fresh Andean products and derivatives.


  1. Raises income for 30 families directly (approx. 105 people) and indirectly 35 other families (120 people) by raising crop yields, number of crops per year and increasing the acres of irrigated cropland available. Extra family income provides improved healthcare and education.
  2. Delivers 100 % of water to the potato, corn, oca, and fava bean crops on these steep sloped fields. Old system of storage and open flood irrigation channels lost over 60% of the water before getting to the fields.
  3. Reduces soil erosion on these steep sloped fields as the irrigation sprinklers deliver water with less force than former system.

Click below to see a video of a completed S.H.A.R.E. project in Moarachata in an area close to the current project.



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